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AI-Powered Intelligent Execution and Learning

Silverwork Solutions’ role-based autonomous automation provides a Digital Workforce Solution seamlessly integrating into your loan manufacturing process, from application to post-closing. These intelligent Persona Based Bots™ act as trusted agents, replicating the work of operations staff with unwavering reliability. They effortlessly participate in team workflows, communicate, execute complex processes, and learn as they work.

Meet Your Persona Based Bots™

Pre-Approval Bot

Loan files arrive from the point of sale in various states of completeness. Silverwork’s mortgage automation fully automates the Pre-Approval process to enable Loan Officers to quickly respond to borrowers.

As a cutting-edge Persona Based Bot™, this product works in harmony with Loan officers and the rest of their sales team.
Automated defaulting ensures that loan applications lacking required information can still be efficiently processed by intelligently addressing missing details.

Rigorous validation ensures that you have complete and accurate loan application information.

AI powered intelligent execution applies all lender specific eligibility guidelines, including product & pricing, credit, ratios, fraud and more.

Fast and accurate decisions on pre-approval eligibility enables Loan Officers to provide their borrowers with immediate answers.

Disclosure Bot

The persona-based Initial Disclosure Bot serves as an extension of a lender’s disclosure desk.

This Silverwork automation seamlessly executes the entire initial disclosure process, allowing disclosure and compliance teams to re-direct resources to high-risk areas of focus.

Intelligent Automation understands each lender’s key compliance related risk areas and helps ensure accurate disclosure documents.

The Initial Disclosure Bot integrates seamlessly into a lender’s defined workflow, identifying files that are ready to disclose and keeping the team informed on all progress.

Of course, the Silverwork automation is always available, so disclosures can be sent anytime 24/7, allowing loan officers to be very responsive to their borrowers.

Vendor Services Bot

Effectively coordinating and executing order flow across dozens of settlement service providers presents a significant challenge for lenders.

Silverwork’s AI powered intelligent execution takes complete responsibility for services ordering, retrieval, and validation.

Automation handles the workflow with service providers so that fulfillment teams can focus on tasks that demand a human touch.

Services are validated immediately upon receipt so that underwriting can trust that loan files contain accurate information.

Silverwork’s Intelligent Automation optimizes service order management, streamlining follow-up, and providing robust tracking capabilities.

Lock Desk Bot

Efficient execution of the core functions of a Lock Desk has a large impact on the customer and Loan Officer experience.

Silverwork’s persona-based Lock Desk Bot fully automates the key interactions between the lock desk and other production teams.

This Bot provides Intelligent Automation for pricing exceptions, relocks, and lock extensions.

Integrated within a lender’s existing workflow, the Lock Desk Bot plays a vital role in coordinating the lock desk services and SLAs.

Internal Controls are strengthened with automatic enforcement of lender lock desk policies and procedures.

Closing Bot

Closing departments are obligated to sustain peak staffing levels for month-end volumes, resulting in significant operational challenges and substantial costs.

Silverwork’s persona-based Closing Bot serves as a dependable digital assistant for the closing department, capable of handling the closing processes and delivering the essential efficiencies needed in closing.

Our Intelligent Automation provides rigorous validation of all data and documents critical to closing a defect free loan.

The marginal cost of closing related validation goes to zero with validation that can be quickly extended.

The Closing Bot is incorporated into the lender defined workflow, where it streamlines and enhances the defect-resolution process.

This AI powered automation supports all functions of the closing department including automatic generation of all essential closing documents.

Post Closing Bot

Coming soon!

Unlocking the Benefits

Cost Reduction And Efficiency

Silverwork Solutions’ Digital Workforce Solution offers scalable and cost-effective “digital labor,” stabilizing your lending operations with efficient processing power.

Quality And Compliance

Maintain strict adherence to your policies and procedures. Our Persona Based Bots™ enforce lenders’ guidelines, driving significant improvements in loan quality.

Cycle Time

Experience zero latency and faster cycle times. Our Persona Based Bots™ consistently deliver results, shaving valuable days off your application-to-close cycle.

Digital Customer Experience

Imagine a world where humans and automation work hand in hand, achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy. Our innovative “digital labor” approach allows lenders to position their workforce, maximizing skills and capabilities strategically. By delegating repetitive tasks to our Digital Workforce Solution, your team can focus on higher-value activities while our Bots seamlessly integrate into your workflow, effortlessly carrying out assigned work on loan files.

Experience the Future of Mortgage Automation With Silverwork Solutions

  • Silverwork Solutions offers an array of software robots, or Persona Based Bots™ that automate the loan manufacturing process.
  • The organizing principle of our Bots is the roles found in mortgage originations.
  • Silverwork Solutions’ Persona Based Bots™  with human personas reduce the need for training and speed adoption since end users already intuitively know how to work collaboratively with the Bot.
  • Silverwork Solutions’ experience is that their role-based Bots are more effective at reducing costs.
  • Each Persona Based Bot™ automates an important role or use cases in the loan manufacturing process.
    • The Silverwork Solutions product set provides intelligent automation for use cases from loan application through post-closing.
    • Each Bot can execute complex mortgage business processes that rival the complexity of work being performed by end users.
    • The Silverwork Solutions Bots are engineered to work together by sending work to each other and working collaboratively with end users.
    • Each Bot can operate autonomously without the need for human direction and is built on the Silverwork Solutions intelligent automation platform.